Windows 10 is on a roll

August 6, 2018  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Health Information Technology & Services (HITS) continues to migrate Windows devices throughout Michigan Medicine on a rolling basis, location by location, with great success. The department has currently upgraded over 12,000 devices from Windows 7 to Windows 10  about a third of the overall Windows fleet. With this upgrade, users are also getting the latest versions of some of the software they are using.

“The Windows 10 deployment went very smoothly this week in my unit,” said Patti Milgrom, senior health care administrative manager in MedSport at Domino’s Farms. “My staff are appreciative of the updated and new computers  some of which will significantly impact their workflow as we had some pretty old computers.”

“The start menu tiles are a very appealing new feature in Windows 10  they function just like the app icons on a smartphone,” said Tess Bonham, clinical research project manager. “I also like how easy it is to customize and rearrange the icons for the apps I used most frequently.”

HITS has also enabled a new feature on all current CoreImage Windows 7 and Windows 10 devices: an info icon on the Start menu. Simply select “Access Windows 10 Training” right from Start menu to take you directly to the Windows 10 Project Page where you will find a series of training and support documents.

Windows 7

Windows 10

Migrating to Windows 10 ensures that the Michigan Medicine device fleet remains current and has all of the latest security safeguards from Microsoft.