Learn Our Lingo (LOL): Michigan Medicine facilities

August 8, 2018  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources,

In the first installment of Learn Our Lingo, faculty and staff learned about the major components of the organization, including the acronyms for the hospitals on the main medical campus (UH/CVC, C&W).

But there are many other facilities utilized by Michigan Medicine experts that are known by acronyms, as well.

Here’s a quick glance at some of the “building” blocks of the organization:

  • BCSC: Brighton Center for Specialty Care. Set to open next month, the BCSC is a large, cutting-edge facility that will provide more than 50 specialties to pediatric and adult outpatients in Livingston County.
  • BSRB: Biomedical Science Research Building. A state-of-the-art research facility that contains more than 240 labs, 175 offices and areas for students, researchers and faculty members to collaborate.
  • EAA: East Ann Arbor Health Center. A facility providing primary and specialty care services to outpatients. EAA is also home to the organization’s geriatrics center.
  • NCAC: North Campus Administrative Complex. NCAC houses employees from a number of administrative departments, including Human Resources, the Department of Communication, the Office of Patient Experience, Paging Services and a number of outpatient call centers. Health Information Management — where patients can retrieve their medical records — is also stationed at NCAC.
  • NCRC: North Campus Research Complex. A sprawling 32-acre facility that was originally built by pharmaceutical company Parke-Davis in 1960 and later utilized by Pfizer. The university took over the complex in 2009 and it now serves as the home of numerous research labs, meeting spaces and, as of earlier this summer, the Department of Pathology.
  • NIB: North Ingalls Building. Located on the site of the old St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, NIB was taken over by U-M in 1977. There you can find many Michigan Medicine administrative offices along with classrooms and offices for the U-M School of Nursing.
  • THSL: Taubman Health Sciences Library. Newly renovated, the THSL serves as a 24/7 education hub with electronic resources and collaboration spaces for med students. There is also a dedicated med student lounge.
  • WAA-PP: West Ann Arbor-Parkland Plaza. Dozens of specialties have seen patients in this facility since it opened in late 2017. One of its main draws is the radiology unit, which provides general imaging, CT scans, ultrasounds and mammography away from the main medical campus.

For a map of all these facilities, click here.

Got all that? Good, you’re “building” up your knowledge of Michigan Medicine!

Are there other acronyms you’ve always wondered about? Let us know and they could be featured in the next LOL!

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