Four units earn recognition for hand hygiene compliance

August 13, 2018  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees

Due to the hard work and commitment of Michigan Medicine’s faculty and staff, the organization regularly surpasses its hand hygiene compliance goal each month.

With that in mind, Infection Prevention & Epidemiology is increasing its organization-wide compliance goal and tweaking how it rewards units or areas in recognition of their monthly compliance numbers.

Talk to your unit leadership or email with questions about the new rewards program and how units will be recognized for perfect hand hygiene compliance each month.

And congratulations to the following four areas, which earned recognition for hand hygiene compliance in July! The areas include: SICU, CCMU, 7B and CVC5.

Interested in checking out the numbers from your unit or department? There’s good news! IPE is now utilizing a program that offers “real-time” observation data categorized by role, location and timeframe — so you won’t need to wait for weekly or monthly updates to see where you and your colleagues stand.

Click here to check it out for yourself — and click on the tabs to see different views and use the drop down boxes to select unit location and month(s).

Thanks for all you do to protect patients, families and coworkers!