Comprehensive Depression Center debuts new tool for managing depression

August 13, 2018  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

The Comprehensive Depression Center has just launched a newly-revised Depression Center Toolkit for patients and families.

The toolkit provides information, support and resources to promote recovery from depression and other mental health conditions. The previous toolkit served more than 250,000 people annually from across the globe, making it a leading international resource for mood disorders.

To ensure maximal utility and accuracy, both experts and patients helped redesign the site.

Patient advisors, coordinated by the Office of Patient Experience and the Patient Education and Health Literacy Program (PEHL), provided feedback utilizing the Passing the Test electronic survey. Experts also reviewed the clinical content to ensure it reflects current medical knowledge and practice.

Sagar Parikh, M.D., FRCPC, associate director of the Depression Center, and Danielle Taubman, M.P.H., technical writer/evaluator led the redesign process.

The toolkit includes self-assessment tools (e.g. PHQ-9, GAD-7), fact sheets and checklists. These materials have been uploaded to MiChart Patient Instructions (all materials will be available for use in early August) and are also available on the Patient Education Clearinghouse.

Use MiChart Patient Instructions to direct patients to the Toolkit. Type the keywords Depression Toolkit Overview in the search box and send this document to print with the AVS or as a message to the patient portal.