Applications for diversity, equity and inclusion mini grants now open

August 10, 2018  //  FOUND IN: Strategy & Leadership

Applications for Michigan Medicine Diversity, Equity and Inclusion mini grants are now open!

Mini grant submissions should align with the strategic priorities of Michigan Medicine and work to enhance inclusion, increase diversity and promote equity across the institution for patients, faculty and staff.

All Michigan Medicine faculty, staff and learners can apply.

Applications can be found by clicking here and are due by Sept. 10.

Got questions? Check out the FAQs below or email

How much can be requested?    

A maximum of $5,000 per proposal.

Who can apply for funding?

DEI implementation leads, faculty, staff and learners

What kinds of ideas can be funded through the DEI Mini-Grant Program?

Innovative ideas that promote the vision for diversity, equity and inclusion. House officers and students interested in disparities research are also encouraged to apply. Funds may be used to support recruitment of diverse research subjects and advance knowledge in culturally appropriate research design. Collaboration within units that make up larger departments (e.g., internal medicine, surgery) is encouraged.

How does the Office for Health Equity and Inclusion define “innovative”?

Innovative ideas are those that benefit the academic medical center, use creative, artistic or best practices to promote awareness and inspire learning about the diverse faculty, staff, patients and learners in our community.

Can a department submit more than one proposal?

Departments and units are encouraged to submit more than one proposal. Only the best idea will be funded.

When will grants be awarded?

Mini-grant awards are made on a biannual basis. Departments may apply during both grant cycles. However, once an award is made, the department or unit is ineligible until the completion of the funded project.

Can DEI mini-grant funds be used to cover consulting or training costs?

Yes, external consulting or training costs can be paid for using DEI mini-grant funds. Internal consulting or training costs are ineligible for funding, as are salary or benefits.

What information should be included in the proposal?

All proposals should include the following information:

  • The type of project you are proposing. Include the problem you are trying to solve, the objectives and goals of the project. Please remember submitters are encouraged to present projects that are innovative, artistic or creative and support the strategic principles and promote equity for our faculty, staff, patients and learners.
  • Why this project was selected? What evidence you used (e.g., focus groups, surveys, etc.) to determine this project as the best strategy to reach your goals?
  • How you plan to measure the impact of your project.
  •  A complete budget for the project including justification.
  • How will your project lead to a sustained diversity effort in the long term, and how will you support and run it once the grant funds are depleted?

If I am awarded a mini grant, how much time will I have to complete the project?

Proposals funded by OHEI mini grants are expected to be completed within an 18-months of the award notification. However, we recognize that delays may occur. In the event of a project delay, an extension may be requested. The request should include the reason for the delay and how the issue will be resolved and by what date.