Week in Review: Week of July 9, 2018

July 13, 2018  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources,

Do you suffer from FOMO*? That’s OK, WIR is here to help “u” stay in the know!

The week began with another installment of LOL — the Headlines Acronym of the Month. Readers also met a physician whose perspective changed following a paralyzing injury; faculty and staff learned about the Wig Bank and the important service it provides; and employees took a closer look at benefits and perks that will help them make the most of their summer.

Here’s the latest!

Learn Our Lingo (LOL): Patient care units

What type of care is provided in the PACU? And which patients are seen by experts in the PCTU? All of that information — and a whole lot more — was shared in the latest edition of Learn Our Lingo! Click here to see all of the different patient care units at Michigan Medicine and how they fit into the organization’s continuum of care.

Disabusing disability: A doctor’s paralyzing injury brings new perspective

While going through his residency training five years ago, U-M Medical School graduate Oluwaferanmi Okanlami, M.D., M.S., sustained a major spinal cord injury. And though the ordeal changed his career path in certain ways, it never derailed his dream of becoming a doctor. Learn more about Okanlami, who joined the Michigan Medicine faculty earlier this year.

Service Spotlight: Wig Bank

When patients at Michigan Medicine deal with hair loss due to treatment or the progression of an illness, it can cause added anxiety or stress. That’s why the Guest Assistance Program offers the Wig Bank — a service that offers wigs, hats and coverings to patients at no charge. Click through for more on the Wig Bank and how you can refer the service to patients and their families.

These deals are hot, hot, hot! Employees can get discounts, perks to enjoy the summer

With the Fourth of July in the rear-view mirror, it’s time to plan out the rest of your summer. Fortunately, your MCard can offer you exclusive perks and discounts at area businesses and attractions just for being an employee of Michigan Medicine! Find out the true power of your MCard by clicking here.

*— Bonus acronym! FOMO stands for Fear of Missing Out