Michigan Medicine’s smooth operator: Q&A with Maria Ceo

July 18, 2018  //  FOUND IN: Strategy & Leadership,

In her role as associate hospital director for operations and ancillary services, Maria Ceo has a direct impact on the faculty, staff, patients and families who come to Michigan Medicine each day.

From overseeing the operations of departments such as Patient Food & Nutrition Services to managing the organization’s sustainability efforts, Ceo’s influence stretches far and wide.

Headlines recently caught up with Ceo to discuss her role — and the advice she’d give to others who are looking to build a career at Michigan Medicine. Here’s what she had to say:

Q: In your current role as associate hospital director for operations and ancillary services, what are your primary responsibilities?

MC: I am responsible for the operations of a number of departments and areas within the organization. These include: Patient Food & Nutrition Services, Clinical Engineering, Valet Services, Paging and Information Services, Retail Contract Services, Sustainability and Logistics, and Support Services (which consists of Environmental Services, Entrance Services, Patient Equipment, Patient Transportation/Lift Services and Mail Services). I also work with radiology on diagnostic radiology strategy and operations. It is always very busy, but it is an incredibly fulfilling job!

Q: In your various roles at Michigan, what stands out that makes this a unique place to work?

MC: I am privileged to work with so many talented leaders and staff who are dedicated to supporting and providing care and services to our patients, families and colleagues. When opportunities as well as challenges arise, I have great confidence that the skills and experience of our faculty and staff can successfully work toward finding a solution or implementing a new initiative.

Q: When considering the future of Michigan Medicine and University Hospital, what are you most excited or optimistic about?

MC: As both an employee and a patient, I am excited about the expansion of Michigan Medicine’s outstanding and highly-regarded services in our surrounding communities. I am also energized and optimistic about the high quality of our faculty and staff and their expertise and passion to lead this organization into the future as part of the complex and ever-changing world of health care.

Q: What advice would you give to others who are early on in their careers here at Michigan Medicine?

MC: The No. 1 thing to keep in mind is how important it is to observe and learn from leaders and others who inspire you and are effective and successful in their roles. Additionally, be authentic and optimistic. Volunteer for projects and follow through on your commitments and deliverables. Stay on top of new programs or initiatives in other departments where there may be opportunities for personal growth and development or collaborations. Take advantage of the many educational opportunities provided by the university. And most of all, be customer-focused and have positive and professional interactions with your colleagues as often as possible.