Disclose outside interests in M-Inform in July

July 12, 2018  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

It is time to review and update your job-related outside interest disclosures in M-Inform.

Employees who are required to annually disclose job-related outside interests (e.g., executives, managers, faculty, house officers, PAs, APRNs) will receive a system email reminder at the beginning of July followed by a reminder in August.

You must log into M-Inform to complete conflict of interest training and attest to having nothing to disclose even if you are not engaged in a job-related outside interest.

The email reminder includes a link to M-Inform with instructions on how to complete your disclosure.

Those not receiving an email reminder are still required to disclose job-related outside interests as they arise.

Additionally, employees are required to keep their M-Inform disclosures up to date throughout the year.

NEW for FY 2019: UMHS is changing the way reviewers are assigned in M-Inform. Beginning July 2018, employee supervisor information in MPathways will be used to populate the M-Inform reviewer field for employees with a primary appointment at UMHS. For more information about this change, go here. (Note that this change does not apply to Medical School employees.)

M-Inform disclosure guidance:

  • For additional conflict of interest and conflict of commitment guidance, go here.
  • Use the “decision tree” located here to assist with disclosure reporting decisions.
  • For examples of M-Inform disclosure criteria, go here.
  • For guidance on the role of committee leadership in identifying and managing conflicts of interest of committee members, consultants and staff, go here.

For general questions, send an email to coi-oid-questions@med.umich.edu.

For technical questions, send an email to 4help@umich.edu.