Be the spark in your workplace: Become a Champion!

July 23, 2018  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees

Now through Aug. 17, MHealthy is recruiting staff and faculty to serve as MHealthy Champions, volunteers who help support a culture of health within their department or unit.

Currently, more than 650 employees across Michigan Medicine and the university’s three campuses serve as Champions.

“What led me to become a Champion was wanting to get my health on track for my parents, children and grandchildren,” said Debora Taylor, patient services assistant in Michigan Medicine’s Briarwood Health Associates. “As I was working on myself, I was also sharing with everyone and anyone who would listen to me. My manager asked if I would be the Champion for our health center as I was basically doing it anyway. That was about 10 years ago and I’ve really enjoyed the role ever since.”

Champions serve a two-year term and spend approximately two hours per month on their responsibilities, including:

  • Working with an MHealthy Wellness Coordinator to tailor health and wellness activities that best fit the needs of their coworkers
  • Helping to achieve their department or unit’s health and well-being goals
  • Communicating opportunities and encouraging participation in healthy activities
  • Gaining universitywide recognition for their areas, while also being recognized personally for their contributions
  • Applying for well-being grants to support their areas’ interests and needs

“If you are enthusiastic about health and well-being, like to positively motivate others, and want to support and encourage participation in health-related programs and services, we encourage you to apply and help spark change in your workplace,” said Leola Hearing, project specialist for MHealthy. “Champions get support from MHealthy’s staff, other Champions and their unit’s leadership to build a healthier work environment.”

“Over the years, I’ve learned that short, fun educating activities get my coworkers excited and involved,” said Taylor. “I’ve organized a Healthy Lunch Club, walking competitions, and a wellness committee, created an MHealthy board in the office that changes every month; served as an Active U captain; and applied and received a wellness grant to create a small workout space in our area with hand weights, a yoga mat, stretchy bands, a ball and DVDs.”

Anyone who is interested in becoming a Champion should apply by Aug. 17. MHealthy will send an email to the candidate’s supervisor asking to approve participation in the program.

To learn more and apply to be an MHealthy Champion, visit the MHealthy Champion webpage. If you have questions, email or call 734-647-7888.