Some ‘handy’ tips to celebrate International Hand Hygiene Day

May 4, 2018  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Tomorrow is the World Health Organization’s International Hand Hygiene Day!

To celebrate, members of Infection Prevention & Epidemiology have been all around the academic medical center today, carrying with them larger-than-life props for faculty and staff to pose with and giveaways like hand sanitizer and ID badge holders.

Employees should also recognize the importance of the day by practicing proper hand hygiene techniques. After all, hand hygiene is the easiest and simplest way to prevent the spread of germs in a health care setting.

So give yourselves — and your patients, families and coworkers — a “hand” by following these easy guidelines:

  • “Clean in/clean out”: Make sure you wash your hands with hand sanitizer or soap and water whenever you enter and exit a patient room. That will help kill germs that can lead to preventable illnesses.
  • Be a “hands-on” colleague: If you see your coworker forget to wash his or her hands, remind them! It’s your way of being a good teammate and setting an example of good hygiene in your unit or department.
  • “Hand it to them”: Thank your colleagues if you’re reminded. After all, it’s better to have a colleague remind you than to have a patient ask you why you forgot to wash!

It’s that simple. Just keep the phrase “clean, remind, thank” handy and you’ll be playing your part to keep Michigan Medicine safe for everyone!

To learn more about hand hygiene at Michigan Medicine check out the IPE hand hygiene website


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