HealthRx designed to help employees manage required immunizations

April 30, 2018  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Last fall, Occupational Health Services started utilizing a new immunization monitoring and management system called HealthRx.

The purpose of the HealthRx system is to manage and monitor Michigan Medicine’s workforce required immunizations. The database offers both employee and supervisor portals to help individuals stay up-to-date about their work required immunization status.

Last fall, phase 1 of the rollout was implemented and utilized HealthRx for the organization’s annual flu program. In the near future, Michigan Medicine will roll out the annual TB program. In preparation for that rollout, OHS is currently in the process of reviewing and migrating historical work-related immunization data from the existing database into HealthRx.

The intent is to go live with the annual TB program on June 4, with a soft rollout occurring mid-May with some pilot departments.

Stay tuned for more information on how to access compliance reports maintained within HealthRx.

For inquiries about compliance, or if you have any other medical questions related to your immunizations please contact Occupational Health Services at 734-764-8021 or email