Why I Work Here: Toni Morgan, medical assistant specialist

March 21, 2018  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees,

Toni Morgan has worked at Michigan Medicine for 17 years.

Michigan Medicine is a world-class destination for patient care, education and research, thanks to its exceptional faculty and staff. Headlines wanted to hear firsthand why employees chose Michigan Medicine to make their contributions to health care.

Employees like Toni Morgan, a medical assistant specialist in the Department of Urology, who has been with the organization for 17 years.

Morgan meets with patients, takes their vital signs, draws blood and prepares specimens for analysis in the lab. It’s fulfilling work, Morgan said, because it gives her the ability to help others in need. And it does so in a highly personal way.

“Working with urology patients has become my passion in life,” Morgan said. “I watched my father battle prostate cancer and saw how challenging that process can be, even as he was being assisted by all the incredible people here at Michigan Medicine. Now being able to work here myself, it gives me an opportunity to make life just a little bit easier for patients going through the same things my dad went through.”

Morgan said the organization is unique, too, in its highly-collaborative culture.

“The emphasis here is always on learning from others, not just for our medical students, residents and fellows, but for all of our employees,” Morgan said. “I always feel like I’m being challenged and learning new things about procedures and treatments. That’s what makes this job fun and enriching.”

Morgan said she wouldn’t trade her position for anything.

“I’m learning, helping others and leaving an important legacy for my father,” Morgan said. “When I think about all of that, I know I’m in the right place.”

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