Support U-M — and science: Vote today in STAT Madness!

March 14, 2018  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Evan Snitkin, Ph.D. and his team are in the Sweet 16 of STAT Madness.

Later this week, the U-M men’s and women’s basketball teams will compete in their first round of the “March Madness” tournament of NCAA basketball.

But a team of U-M scientists is way ahead of them. They’ve gotten to the third round of a virtual tournament of science known as STAT Madness, being run by the medical news organization STAT.

They’re up against North Carolina State, and a “Wolfpack” team of scientists that entered the tournament on the strength of their research on cardiac stem cells. The U-M team, led by Evan Snitkin, Ph.D. of Microbiology & Immunology, has developed a new way to study “superbug” bacteria in health care environments and try to outsmart their drug-resistant ways to improve patient safety.

More than 224,000 votes have already been cast for STAT Madness teams, and every vote counts.

The deadline is Thursday night — around the time the U-M men’s basketball team will be finishing its game.

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