Students reflect on their desire to pursue medicine

March 30, 2018  //  FOUND IN: News,

It’s National Doctor’s Day, a chance to celebrate many valuable members of the Michigan Medicine community.

To commemorate the occasion, Headlines wanted to find out what drives doctors to enter the field in the first place. So the team caught up with current U-M medical students — the doctors of tomorrow — to learn why they are dedicating their careers to helping patients and families.

Here’s what they had to say:

Armani Hawes

Armani Hawes, M1

I originally studied public policy at U-M, working in research and policy in Michigan and Nepal. However, I quickly realized that I wanted to have more of a hands-on experience with the people I was trying to help. So I entered medical school.

Every week, a patient comes in to share a story about their disease, their doctors and what we can learn from them as students. I am grateful to have them as constant reminders of both why I wanted to pursue medicine (to help people) and to always stay humble as I go on this exciting journey.

Seth Klapman, M3

Seth Klapman

I hope to combine my passion for health IT with my experience and knowledge of front-line patient care to help reshape the future of health care delivery by effectively harnessing technology and data.

As a student at U-M, my excitement for collaboration has opened doors already: I’ve helped design a mobile app for patients, investigated the use of machine learning to build diagnostic tools for cardiac auscultation, and cofounded a company that uses mobile technology to improve post-operative outcomes. I hope to continue a career in which I’ll work on projects to improve hospitals, clinics and the health care field in general.

Kathryn De La Rosa, M4

Kathryn De La Rosa

I have always been driven toward a career dedicated to compassionate patient care, more recently with a focus on urban underserved populations.

At U-M, I have been given the freedom to explore, engage and take advantage of every learning opportunity a student could possibly want.

I can only hope that I continue to bring the passion I have seen here into my future career so I can be a great physician for my patients — a physician that can make us all proud.

Stephen Hobson, M1

Stephen Hobson

I’m really excited to find ways to make a medical impact in the community. Earlier this year, I took part in disaster response training and instructed 12 of my classmates in pre-hospital emergency medical response.

We’re hoping to turn this into a service learning project as a way for medical students to teach community members knowledge and skills that can ultimately save lives.

Arrice Bryant, M2

I have always had a desire to connect my work to the broader community.

Arrice Bryant

For instance, this past summer, I worked on a project called MyVoice, where we surveyed a national sample of people between the ages of 14-24 on various topics related to their health. I then attended meetings with state lawmakers, where we discussed which issues surrounding youth were important to their communities and how our research can help develop programs or policies geared toward that population.

As a doctor, I know that my position can influence the health and prosperity of the community both inside and outside the office. That’s a unique feeling and I wouldn’t want to do anything else.

Yael Braunschweig, M4

Yael Braunschweig

I have always had a passion for population health research, leading me to pursue a dual degree as an M.D. and M.P.H.

As part of my M.P.H. training, I was able to undertake a mixed-methods research project on the impact of training obstetrician gynecologists in Ghana. The project was possible due to a longstanding partnership between the ob/gyn programs at U-M and Korle-Bu and Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospitals in Ghana. I feel honored to have been able to work with and learn from such a successful and sustainable global health partnership. The experiences I have gained will continue to shape my work as a clinician and researcher throughout my career.

Max Spadafore

Max Spadafore, M2

I have chosen to pursue medicine because of my feeling of debt toward others and my desire to better other people’s lives.

Through my ongoing work with faculty and classmates who have provided camaraderie and support, I have never felt so at home in a school before. I know that I will become the best physician I can be, that I will learn how to provide world-class patient care, and that I will be able to improve the lives of all those I treat in the years to come.