Spotlight: Kayvan Najarian, Ph.D., AHA researcher of the week

March 15, 2018  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees

The goal of Kayvan Najarian, Ph.D.’s research, funded by a grant from the American Heart Association (AHA), is to exploit recent advancements in signal processing and machine learning algorithms to construct a fully automated, computer-based platform — AngioAid — that efficiently assists cardiologists with coronary angiogram video evaluation. Preliminary work by the group suggests such a platform is feasible.

The AHAs Innovative Development Grant will provide support to further develop this new digital health technology and assess its use more broadly. Ultimately, AngioAid and related innovative tools will disrupt the flawed paradigm of using visual estimation to interpret coronary angiograms.

Najarian’s work, along with other important research initiatives, are made possible through support of the Washtenaw County Heart Walk. Please consider participating in the U-M Heart Walk campaign by creating/joining a team and fundraising for the cause (click here).

The U-M team needs your help to reach its fundraising goal of $50,000! Thank you for helping make advances in cardiovascular research and education!

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