Update: IV fluid supply showing slight improvement, other shortages continue

February 2, 2018  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Please be advised that Critical IV Solutions (specifically small volume bags) have been slow to return to normal supply levels in the wake of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. While manufacturing and distribution is moving in a positive direction, these solutions are still vulnerable to shortages, which is expected to last for several more months.

Other supply and medication shortages continue to create challenges within the supply chain. Flu activity has added to the organization’s already strained resources. Syringes are now on protective allocation, and conservation efforts of all of these affected items is necessary to protect supply and reduce waste.

The organization is continuing to make efforts to maximize inventory with the least impact to clinicians.

Thank you for your patience as faculty and staff work collaboratively to navigate these challenges.

If you have any questions, contact Sue Friebe at sfriebe@umich.edu, Janine Lee at jmamatan@umich.edu or Katie Barwig at kcoldren@umich.edu.