Mott earns distinction as Level 1 Children’s Surgery Center

February 5, 2018  //  FOUND IN: News,

L-R: Paul Reynolds, M.D., pediatric anesthesiologist; Marc Thorne, M.D., pediatric otolaryngologist; Ashley Parent, program manager, Pediatric Surgical Quality Program; and John Park, M.D., pediatric urologist and surgeon-in-chief

Congratulations to the faculty and staff at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, which recently earned distinction as a Level 1 Children’s Surgery Center by the American College of Surgeons (ACS).

The ACS created the Children’s Surgery Verification Quality Improvement Program to improve the quality of children’s surgical care by creating a system that helps match each child’s individual surgical needs with the best care environment.

The program is based on other nationally-recognized ACS programs that have measurably improved surgical quality and have prevented complications, reduced health care costs and saved lives.

“We are extremely pleased and proud to be recognized as the first level 1 children’s surgical center in the state,” said John Park, M.D., Mott surgeon-in-chief. “This status reaffirms our team’s dedication to providing optimal care for young patients facing surgery. We are committed to continuously seeking ways to enhance the structure, process and outcomes for children and their families.”

To become a verified center, Mott was required to meet rigorous criteria for staffing, training, facility infrastructure and protocols for care. The hospital also participates in a national data registry that yields semiannual reports on the quality of its processes and outcomes to help identify opportunities for continuous quality improvement.

Centers seeking verification undergo an extensive site visit by an ACS team of surveyors, including experienced children’s surgeons, anesthesiologists and nurses.

“This verification affirms our multidisciplinary dedication and commitment to ensuring the highest level of safe, quality care,” said Ashley Parent, program manager for the Mott Surgery Quality Program. “We are honored to be recognized for our ongoing efforts.”