CTools project sites on the road to retirement

February 2, 2018  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

For more than a decade, the U-M community has used project sites in CTools for file storage and collaboration. With the increased availability and expanded capabilities of other collaboration tools, combined with declining CTools usage, please be advised that U-M is taking steps to retire CTools.

The target date for transitioning all active project sites from CTools is Aug. 31; however, individual units may choose an earlier date. All historical content in CTools will be available at least through July 1, 2019. (The ability to create new sites in CTools was suspended in February 2017). Michigan Medicine employees own about 4,540 CTools project sites.

Following the successful move from CTools to Canvas for course sites, Information and Technology Services (ITS) is now helping campus transition CTools project sites to alternative services.

“We realize that changes to IT services can be disruptive, particularly for clinicians and researchers,” said Sean DeMonner, executive director of teaching and learning for ITS. “So one of our key goals in how we approached this effort was to minimize that as much as possible.”

Through pilots with the School of Public Health and the School of Dentistry last year, ITS gathered feedback to fine-tune a process that recognizes the need of site owners for flexibility and control in how the transition happens. The result is a self-service tool that allows project site owners to export content when they want and store it locally, or upload it into the platform that best fits their needs for ongoing collaboration and file sharing. Sites that are no longer needed can be easily deleted using the same tool.

Site owners may contact the ITS Service Center with questions or to request individual support for transitioning their project sites. If you would like support for your unit, email the project team at ctools-projectsites@umich.edu.

Visit the project website to review FAQs, find training resources, and learn about alternative services: