Week in Review: Week of Jan. 22, 2018

January 26, 2018  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources,

Miss anything during this busy week at Headlines? Have no fear, the Week in Review is here!

Readers were introduced to Security, the Michigan Medicine department that emphasizes both safety and service; Clarissa Love shared why she is so committed to helping create a more inclusive organization; faculty and staff learned about Bodhi Day, a spiritually-significant holiday in Buddhism; and Survival Flight gave employees an inside look at a new ambulance that provides cutting-edge critical care.

In case you missed it, here’s the latest!

Meet Michigan Medicine: Security

Members of the Security team are some of the most highly-visible — and best — ambassadors for the organization. That’s why they ensure that security at Michigan Medicine is synonymous with service. Click here to learn more about this important department and the helpful role they play to patients, families and coworkers.

Showing ‘Love’ to others in need

Clarissa Love’s disability isn’t readily apparent to the casual observer — as she manages symptoms of spina bifida that aren’t easy to detect. But such a “hidden” disability has inspired Love to become a vocal advocate for those who need it the most. During National Birth Defects Awareness Month, find out more about Love’s work and see how she is impacting individuals across the organization!

Diversity Matters: Bodhi Day

This weekend, Zen temples in the area will be celebrating Bodhi Day, one of the most significant holidays in Buddhism. Bodhi Day marks the anniversary of the Buddha’s enlightenment and reflects upon the wisdom he offered to others who sought their own peace of mind. To better understand those who celebrate, learn more about this sacred time of the year.

Survival Flight reaches new heights — on the ground

While it may not be evident in the team’s name, ground transportation plays a pivotal role at Survival Flight. Patients, care teams and organs set for transplant are often moved over land when weather conditions prevent flying. To raise the bar on critical care, Survival Flight recently debuted a state-of-the-art ambulance that provides comfortable, cutting-edge ground transportation. Click for details!