Update: Critical IV fluid shortages — medications, supplies also affected

January 24, 2018  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Shortages of intravenous (IV) solutions, medications and supplies continue due to the impact of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Manufacturing has been slow to return to those facilities affected by the hurricane and expected shortages will continue well into the spring of 2018 as those IV solutions continue to be vulnerable.

Many medication and supply shortages continue to create challenges within the supply chain, as well as flu activity placing an additional strain on current resources.

Continued diligence in conservation of all affected items remains a priority. Alternative options for IV solutions, meds and supplies continue as a means to maximize inventory with the least impact to clinicians.

Michigan Medicine continues to monitor these and other expected shortages closely. Thank you for your patience as we all work collaboratively to navigate these challenges.

For any questions, contact Sue Friebe at sfriebe@umich.edu, Janine Lee at jmamatan@umich.edu or Katie Barwig at kcoldren@umich.edu


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