21 educators named U-M Interprofessional Leadership Fellows

January 10, 2018  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees

A record 21 health science educators were recently selected as the third cohort of the Interprofessional Leadership (IPL) Fellows faculty development program.

The fellows come from the U-M schools of dentistry, kinesiology, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, public health, social work and LSA, as well as U-M Flint’s schools of nursing and health professionals & studies. During the 18-month program, the fellows will participate in a campus-based interprofessional learning community facilitated by the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT) and embark on team-based projects.

The IPL fellows traditionally apply as individuals and then work in interprofessional team. This year for the first time, a team of four scholar-educators was also selected together as a team. These four faculty fellows from nursing, public health and engineering are part of the U-M Center for Occupational Health and Safety Engineering (COHSE). Because the COHSE curriculum already brings together learners of multiple professions, they hope to use the IPL program as a launching pad to make COHSE programs truly and intentionally interprofessional.

The 2018-2019 IPL Fellows are:

  • Medical School Fellows: Carrie Bell and Jaynee Handelsman
  • School of Nursing Fellows: Diane Asher and Elizabeth Duffy; plus Marjorie McCullagh on the COHSE team
  • School of Dentistry Fellows: Danielle Furgeson and Elisabeta Karl
  • School of Kinesiology Fellows: Pete Bodary and Weiyun Chen
  • College of Pharmacy Fellows: Jeong Park and Amy Thompson
  • School of Public Health Fellows: Tom Braun and Laura Power; plus Stuart Batterman, Rick Neitzel, and Marie O’Neill on the COHSE team
  • School of Social Work Fellows: Mary Eldredge and Shanna Kattari
  • U-M Flint Fellows: Reza Amini (School of Health Professions & Studies) and Judy Haefner (Nursing)
  • Literature, Science and the Arts Fellows: Adam Eickmeyer (Health Sciences Scholars Program)
  • Center for Occupational Health and Safety Engineering (COHSE) Fellows: Marjorie McCullagh (School of Nursing), Stuart Batterman (College of Engineering and School of Public Health), Rick Neitzel (School of Public Health), and Marie O’Neill (School of Public Health)

Website: https://interprofessional.umich.edu/2018/01/04/announcing-the-third-cohort-of-interprofessional-leadership-fellows-at-u-m/