Talkin’ turkey: Employees give thanks this holiday season

November 22, 2017  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees,

Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity for Michigan Medicine team members to reflect upon all the things they are thankful for this holiday season.

From family members to their furry friends and food to football, check out the responses below to see what your coworkers had to say.

And whether you’re spending Thanksgiving with your work family here at Michigan Medicine or with your friends and relatives at home, all of us at Headlines wish you a happy and healthy holiday!

  • Becky Cwiek, clerk, NICU: I’m thankful to be a 16-year breast cancer survivor as of last week! I was treated here at U-M and decided to come here to work in 2006 after the great care I received.
  • Chuck Bogedain, Jr., unit host, Medical Short Stay Unit: I am thankful for the new unit that I moved to this year. Never have I worked with a group of people that are more dedicated to the care of others than right here on MSSU. They are so inclusive and appreciative to the contribution that each person makes here each and every day. I did not know that this level of teamwork was possible. You guys rock!
  • Melissa Narkun-Clark, patient care tech associate, pediatric general care: I am thankful for my first grandchild!
  • Reba Sarver, patient services assistant, neuropsychology: I am very thankful for my awesome coworkers and supervisors here in neuropsychology! And for the exceptional health care, vacation and other benefits we receive here at Michigan Medicine. Never take a great workplace for granted!
  • Melissa Clive, OpTime/Cupid application coordinator, HITS: I’m thankful to blessed with the basics — a roof over my head, a car to get me places, the ability to work a job to buy food and gifts for loved ones and for my good health.
  • Amy Daly, reading room coordinator, radiology: I’m thankful for my great job in the Department of Radiology, where I just hit the 20-year mark. I’m also grateful for my family and friends, and my cute Jack Russell dog — she can be a handful, but she gives me so much joy!
  • Coleen Dady, phlebotomist specialist: This year and every year, I am thankful to be able to spend Thanksgiving with my family, to work at the Briarwood 2 clinic where it is always warm and inviting and everyone goes above and beyond to make sure everyone is part of the team.
  • Mimi Schork, medical assistant specialist lead, adult BMT: I am thankful for the family and friends who always supported me while I battled breast cancer. I am now a three-year survivor!
  • Jeffrey Quiros, release of information specialist: I’m thankful for my own little world — made up of my family, friends and coworkers — which helps me stay focused on what matters in life.
  • Jacqueline Dufek, registered nurse, ambulatory care: I am thankful for returning to Michigan Medicine, my first time since being a nursing student here. It still feels like home and makes me happy to come to work every day. What a difference a good job makes!
  • Mary Ann Olms, unit clerk, nursing clerical services: Each year there are so many reasons to be grateful for so very much. Family always comes to mind. I adore my triplets that I was blessed with — they are the joy of my life. Both my husband and I never forget the family we have been blessed with and their love that keeps us strong.
  • Marlene Woodard, residency program coordinator, ob/gyn: I am very thankful for the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. My mother was recently admitted to a hospice facility and my colleagues have been very supportive at a stressful time in my life.
  • Jordan Sternfield, rehab technician, Northville Health Center: I am thankful for my dedicated work community. Each day we are able to come into work knowing that we can rely on each other to provide the best care for our patients. I am also thankful for my supportive family as well as the health and happiness of my family and friends.
  • Michelle Hawkins, financial specialist, internal medicine: I’m thankful this holiday season for being able to spend extra time with my family and friends, that my children and husband are healthy, that we know where our next meal will come from, that we have a roof over our heads and that we have each other.
  • Sadeepa Munasinghe, research compliance specialist: I am thankful for a loving family, caring doctors and relationships that are always encouraging me to look toward life with positivity. I’m very grateful for all the people I work with for their patience, love and kindness, which will always be treasured in my heart!
  • Terri O’Neill, nurse practitioner, Michigan Bowel Control Program: I am thankful for my health, family and friends!
  • Lesia Talley, patient services associate, Kellogg Eye Center: I am thankful that I am able to wake in the morning in good mind, spirit and body.  I am thankful for my great family who offer me all the support a person could ever want and for the fact that I have a great job where I work with some really wonderful people: managers, clerks, nurses, housekeepers, supervisors, doctors and more.
  • Tamara Kutter, administrative assistant, pathology: I am thankful for my fabulous coworkers! I recently celebrated my three-year anniversary in the Department of Pathology. From my first day, my coworkers have all been so welcoming and helpful. I could not ask for a better group of faculty, staff and colleagues.
  • Natalie Gulau, administrative assistant, ob/gyn: I am both grateful for a supportive work group that is flexible with scheduling and for the dedicated providers we work with at Michigan Medicine.
  • Dawn Terrazas-Bragg, medical assistant: post-anesthesia care: I am grateful for the chance to give back, as I am a childhood cancer survivor and now get to help people every day in the PACU.
  • Kertina Kimbrough, administrative assistant, psychiatry: This is such a big question, so many things come to mind, which is a blessing in itself! I am grateful for life and family. My twin sons are finishing their undergraduate degrees in the next six months, and I am completing my graduate degree in clinical mental health counseling in May. It has been a wonderful journey for all of us!
  • Nan Weber, patient services associate, CVC: I am thankful for: life itself, overall good health, getting a great-fitting job here at U-M, a good vanpool, opportunities for bettering myself, the friendly faces and respect among my coworkers and my pets, who truly teach me the meaning of life every day.
  • Erica Owen, manager, Nutrition and Weight Management Services: I’m grateful for amazing colleagues who make my workplace a sanctuary in an otherwise chaotic, confusing life.
  • The Headlines team: We are thankful to our readers and colleagues at Michigan Medicine, who carry out exceptional patient care, education and research every day. And, of course, Michigan football. GO BLUE!