Seeking design projects for biomedical engineering class

November 30, 2017  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

The U-M Biomedical Engineering Department seeks faculty, physicians, and clinicians with ideas for novel medical devices and/or research devices to sponsor student team design projects for the BME 450 course during Winter Term 2018. This is a good opportunity to have a team of BME seniors vet an idea and develop a proof-of-concept prototype design. 

Project sponsors mentor these BME student teams through the process of problem identification, brainstorming, detailed design, prototype building and testing. Projects should be defined to the extent that the problem is known and the sponsor has some idea of device requirements, but should also be open-ended enough to allow students to explore possible innovative solutions. 

The project must focus on hardware design — software may be included, but only to support the hardware. Level of sponsor involvement is as follows:

  • Submit a project proposal, which includes a description of the problem, project goals, deliverables, etc.
  • Facilitate contacts and opportunities for students to better understand the problem within the clinical setting, as needed
  • Supply funding to support the purchase of supplies, fabrication, and testing
  • Meet occasionally with the team to discuss progress and provide input (~ every 2-3 weeks)
  • Attend the team's presentations in early December and mid-April

In the past, BME students have developed diagnostic microfluidic devices, imaging phantoms, rehabilitation devices, a novel bronchoscopic lavage device, a neuropathy detector and a pressure ulcer mat. In a few cases, publications and patents have come out of these efforts. 

The submission deadline for projects is Friday, Dec. 8.  Please contact Rachael Schmedlen at 763-0575 or or click here for more information.