Kellogg Eye Center ophthalmic imagers earn recognition

November 10, 2017  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees

The U-M Kellogg Eye Center Imaging Department recently earned Best of Show at the American Academy of Ophthalmology and Ophthalmic Photographers’ Society annual educational program.

The artistic, diagnostic images created by ophthalmic imagers are important tools in eye care. Ophthalmic imaging may show conditions of the face, skin and eyes, or tell spectacular stories about the condition of nerves and blood vessels inside the eye.

Tim Steffens, C.R.A., OCT-C, FOPS, director of imaging and information systems at the Kellogg Eye Center, earned first place in external photography, which was one of seven top awards earned by the team. It’s the fourth consecutive year that the Kellogg Eye Center has earned the Best of Show Award at the AAO/OPS meeting.

Their images will be exhibited during the AAO/OPS conference in New Orleans from Nov. 11-14.

Print Division

Lisa Neal, C.R.A., OCT-C Department of Pathology: 1st place and Best of Show Gross Specimen

Sonya Cosby: 1st place Fluorescein Angiography; Honorable Mention Composite

Kit Morehead, C.R.A.: 1st place Eye As Art; 1st place Slit Lamp; 1st place Color Fundus Wide Angle; 2nd place ICG Angiography; Honorable Mention Eye As Art

Tim Costello: 1st place Autofluorescence; 2nd place OCT; Honorable Mention Autofluorescence; Honorable Mention Surgical Photography

Matt Lawrence, C.R.A.: Honorable Mention Gross Specimen

Rob Prusak, C.R.A.: Honorable Mention Clinical Setting; Honorable Mention Ultra-Widefield

Stereo Division

Rob Prusak, C.R.A.: 1st place Fluorescein Angiography; 1st place Color Fundus 30-45 degrees; 2nd place Color Fundus High Magnification; 2nd place Slit Lamp Photography; Honorable Mention External Photography

Kit Morehead, C.R.A.: 2nd place External Photography; 3rd place Composite

Tim Costello: 1st place Gonio Photography; Honorable Mention Monochromatic Photography; Honorable Mention Surgical Photography

Tim Steffens, C.R.A., OCT-C, FOPS: 1st place External Photography; Honorable Mention Fluorescein Angiography; Honorable Mention Slit Lamp Photography