Getting a new mobile device on Black Friday?

November 21, 2017  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

If you plan to purchase a new smartphone, tablet, or laptop on Black Friday or at the Computer Showcase Holiday Kick-Off event on Nov. 30, be sure to choose a device that is compatible with AirWatch in case you want to log in to the Michigan Medicine network.

AirWatch will enable you to connect to the UMHS-8021X wireless network with a personally-owned mobile device in order to have access to internal systems including your Outlook Exchange email, calendar and contacts.

More information on supported platforms and detailed enrollment instructions are available in the HITS Knowledgebase, but here is the list of recommended devices that will work best with AirWatch:

  • Smartphones and tablets
    • Apple iPhones and iPads with iOS version 10 and above
    • Android devices with version 4.0 and above
      • The following Android devices support email through their own integrated email applications:
        • Samsung
        • Most LG and HTC devices (make sure these are enterprise ready)
    • All other devices with Android version 7.0+ will be able to use AirWatch Inbox/Boxer to get Outlook email. WiFi access will depend on specific vendor implementation.
  • Laptops/PCs
    • MacOSX 10.9 and higher
    • Windows — make sure they have TPM included (see Knowledgebase for details).
      • Windows 10 is the preferred operating system)