Week in Review: Week of Oct. 9, 2017

October 13, 2017  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources,

Great stories were in full “supply” this week at Headlines!

For example, faculty and staff got a rundown of a new inventory supply project that is improving patient safety and clinical care at University Hospital.

Also featured: a doctor who supplies a “priceless” service to his patients; a program that helps young adults with disabilities find jobs at U-M; and the organization’s chief quality officer, who supplied his vision for the future of quality and safety at Michigan Medicine.

In case you missed it, here’s the latest!

Stockpiling success: New inventory project enhances patient care

Providing world-class patient care doesn’t begin at the bedside — it takes the hard work and collaboration of teams across the organization. Learn more about one such team, a multidisciplinary group that has improved how products are supplied and stored around the academic medical center, leading to improved care and patient safety.

Service Spotlight: Doc’s commitment to patient ‘priceless’

Dinesh Khanna, M.D., M.Sc., and his team are committed to providing their patients with a level of service that goes “beyond the call of duty.” That’s how one patient’s husband — Michael Szekely — described the commitment Khanna and others showed to his wife, Cathy. Click through for more on the Szekelys and the dedication Khanna shows to patients and colleagues on a daily basis.

U-M program helps young adults with disabilities get ready for the workforce

If you head over to the South Quad Dining Hall, you may enjoy a stir fry made by Colton Schick, a young chef with big plans. Schick is a participant in the Bridge to Work program, a collaborative effort between experts at Michigan Medicine and other major university departments. Find out more about Schick and Bridge to Work, which is designed to give young adults with disabilities job placements at U-M.

Improving quality and patient safety: Q&A with Steven J. Bernstein, M.D., MPH

Earlier this week, Steven J. Bernstein, M.D., MPH, the chief quality officer at Michigan Medicine, sat down with Headlines to discuss the Quality Department and how it impacts quality and patient safety across the organization. Click here to learn what he had to say!