Making a Difference: September 2017 highlights

October 19, 2017  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees,

Employees across Michigan Medicine continue to make a difference through their hard work and dedication. Recognizing the contributions employees make to the organization helps the team to become more motivated, drives better teamwork and gives each individual a sense that they are an integral part of achieving organizational goals.

Here are just a few examples of how faculty and staff helped Michigan Medicine provide exceptional care and service last month:

Peer recognition

Katie Pierce, security officer, HHC Security Services

I want to take a moment to recognize my coworker, Officer Katie Pierce. As a fairly new employee, I was faced with a difficult situation where a grieving wife had become agitated after her husband passed away. I reached out to her for assistance — knowing that she handles every situation with professionalism, compassion and empathy.

Officer Pierce was able to connect to the grieving wife on a very personal level which resulted in an embrace, something this lady so badly needed. It was exceptional to watch and I would like to recognize Officer Pierce for her unrelenting compassion.

Lucy Diaz, patient services associate, radiology

Lucy went above and beyond the call of duty to help get a young man in for a CT scan within hours of my calling. The patient and his family were nervous and distraught and feared having to wait until the end of the holiday weekend to get answers to their health setback. Lucy worked incredibly hard to provide excellent customer service and put the patient’s needs first. It made me proud to be able to call the family to tell them that our team member went the extra mile to get the patient scanned that evening. The family felt cared for and were extremely grateful — as am I! Thank you, Lucy!

Student to staff

Jan Buchanan, certified nurse midwife, ob/gyn

I trained with Jan for two days as a student in OB triage and she did an excellent job of involving me in patient care. Once I saw a few patients with her, she gave me the autonomy to attempt every speculum exam and ultrasound, and prepare/examine slides for different tests. Even if she was taking a phone call about a patient or charting something, she would talk me through what she was doing so that I was never left out. Thank you, Jan, for involving me in patient care. I hope your attitude toward student involvement can be an example to others!

Patient to staff

Joan Ralston, patient financial coordinator, revenue cycle

I wanted to give my thanks to Joan. I was pretty upset about being charged for an exam — and Joan listened carefully and really tried to understand my issues without dismissing me. She understood how stressful the financial situation was and behaved professionally and appropriately at every turn. When I got an updated bill in the mail I can’t tell you how wonderful it felt! I was relieved that the issues were put to rest.

Mott 10W pediatric cardio-thoracic unit

My husband and I want to thank everyone at Michigan Medicine for help with the delivery and care of our adopted baby. When she was born, the doctors, midwives, nurses, surgeons and overnight team were exceptional. We are particularly grateful for the use of Nesting Room 2, where we, at hour two of our daughter’s life, were able to bond with her. The nursing care team who served us were particularly empathetic, patient, and kind — showing us how to properly feed, bathe and burp our little girl. We both work in health care oversight and are trained to find flaws in care. We were at Mott for several days and not a single flaw was found. Michigan Medicine is truly the gold standard.

David Hackenson, M.D., Emergency Services

Dr. Hackenson sat down during my exam and talked with me extensively — not just about my current ailment but also about my cancer diagnosis and treatments. He took an interest in my personal struggles and fears. That simple act of kindness was all it took to turn a horrible day around. I just wanted to let Dr. Hackenson know how much I appreciated him spending extra time with me and how much it meant that he took a genuine interest in my health and happiness. Every doctor could learn something from him!

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