IV fluid conservation measures

October 4, 2017  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Please be advised that Michigan Medicine anticipates a shortage of intravenous (IV) solutions and medication as a result of the impact made by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico where the medical product industry has a large presence.  

Because this is a nationwide shortage, the organization is proactively focused on adopting conservation measures in an effort to optimize the current supply.

Among the measures will be strategies to conserve the 0.9% NS and D5% in water IV fluid samples, as they will likely be scarce. This primarily affects IV piggyback (intermittent infusions) medications that use 50 ml and 100 ml dilutions (MiniBag and MiniBag Plus).  

Michigan Medicine will continue to monitor these and other expected shortages closely. In the meantime, please check with your supervisor or manager for more information on conservation measures that are applicable to your clinical area and what you can do to help. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.