Improve your sleep, online and for free

October 20, 2017  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Sleep deprivation is a silent epidemic. Many individuals end up prioritizing work, school and socializing over getting enough high-quality sleep each night. And if you’re not getting enough sleep, you’re at risk for a variety of health problems and other struggles like reduced productivity.

Faculty at the U-M Sleep Disorders Center want to help, so they’re hosting a teach-out starting Monday, Oct. 23. You can log on at your leisure, no matter where you live, to learn from U-M professors for free. (Your friends, family, patients and neighbors can all sign up, too!)

The teach-out will cover:

  • How sleep works
  • Why sleep is important
  • What bad sleep habits are
  • How to improve your sleep starting tonight
  • How to help your family and friends improve their sleep
  • How to become a sleep advocate

You can register now, and start accessing the course on Monday. Share your results on how you’re improving your sleep by tweeting @UMneurosciences.