Meet your Michigan Medicine MVPs

September 18, 2017  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees,

Recently, Headlines asked you to name the superstars and MVPs who make your unit or department succeed on a daily basis.

The response was phenomenal, as employees across the organization took the time to recognize the hard work and dedication of their colleagues.

Congratulations to the following nominees, who were randomly selected to win fantastic prizes, such as movie passes and gift cards!

All other nominees are listed at the bottom of the story.

Rachel Sprovtsoff, M.A., clerkship and clinical simulation coordinator, ob/gyn

Rachel not only goes above and beyond for students and colleagues in her role(s) as clerkship and clinical simulation coordinator, but is the most dedicated and compassionate Michigan Medicine volunteer that I know. With an eye for innovation and process improvement, she consistently strives to streamline processes to deliver the highest quality service to students, faculty and colleagues.

Further, she volunteers with the organization every week and has for more than a decade. In that role, she meets with critically- and terminally-ill patients and families and serves as a beacon of love and light to all of them. Rachel even combined her roles to give a critically-ill aspiring physician an unforgettable clinical simulation experience, thereby imparting hope and happiness to a young patient and her family. Rachel executes our tripartite mission daily with the utmost humility, tenacity and professionalism.

Aalap Doshi, business systems analyst senior, MICHR

I have had the pleasure of working with Aalap at the Michigan Institute for Clinical Health Research (MICHR) for the past 7 years. He is unlike any other person I have ever met. He is kind, genuine, brilliant and essential to the work we do.

Aalap plays a role in many MICHR initiatives, but it has been his work as a designer on a nationally-recognized project that has helped make the institute what it is today. He recently had two journal articles published with another one in the works. He has been asked to speak across the country and has been influential in introducing new and innovative ways to increase awareness and participation in health research. MICHR is lucky to have such a talented and respected member such as Aalap on our team!

Jenifer Crawford, nurse, Michigan Bowel Control/Michigan Healthy Healing after Delivery programs

Jenifer is an amazing nurse and an outstanding leader in both the office and clinical settings. Her superior work ethic keeps the programs running smoothly and efficiently and her knowledge and expertise are valuable assets to our team and our patients.

She often will work as long as necessary to ensure that patients are receiving the best care possible. Jenifer deserves to be recognized for her hard work and dedication, which contribute to Michigan Medicine being a leader in health care.

Tabetha Reisinger, Cancer Center call center

Tabetha is respected by everyone, is an exceptional source of knowledge and is always willing to step up — she will cover for any clinic that needs help at the drop of a hat. Tabetha is also one of the main go-to people when our supervisor is at meetings, is always professional, caring and considerate, and goes above and beyond for patients, our team here at the call center and at the clinic every single day. Thank you, Tabetha!

Shane Quinonez, M.D., associate professor, pediatrics

Dr. Quinonez is not only a fantastic physician in the field of pediatric genetics, but he is extremely humble as well. He is always the first one to say hello when anyone approaches him in the hallway, has a great sense of humor and serves as a breath of fresh air to everyone. He looks out for patients, as well. When a former resident from U-M requested a consult for one of their patients, they were told that it would be three months until the patient could be seen. Dr. Quinonez personally called his clinic and asked his staff to squeeze this patient in. He truly makes the Michigan Difference.

Brianna Preiser, research assistant, Prechter Bipolar Program

Brianna is one of the most positive people to work with. She never has a bad day and always has a smile on her face. She hits the ground running every morning, is very organized, a wonderful team player and a good problem solver. She is a leader whose positive attitude make her an incredible asset to our team.

Li Zhe, cache database administrator, MiChart

Li is the primary cache database administrator of the MiChart system and has been tirelessly dedicated to providing top-of-the-line service for the entire MiChart community. Li has been the central technical figure to all of the MiChart upgrades and the majority of the monthly scheduled downtimes for system maintenance, routinely putting in extra time and effort to ensure the system runs smoothly. Li is an exemplary employee who represents the brightest and best here at Michigan Medicine.

Amber Connelly, patient services senior, cardiology, Domino’s Farms

Amber does it all. She is so very knowledgeable about her job (and her coworkers’ jobs) — and if she doesn’t know the answer, she will find it. She has a great work ethic and a great attitude, going out of her way to take care of our patients.

This fall, Amber also decided to go to school to complete her degree and now spends her lunch hours doing her homework. I am not sure when Amber has time for Amber, but I am sure that U-M, our patients, employees and her family are lucky to have her!

Kate Balzer, project manager, Office of Patient Experience

Kate has been a criticial asset as we build our new office, develop new programs and deepen our outreach to patients and families. She has been helping fill in for employees that have been on medical leave in addition to the enormous new responsibilities that she’s taken on in her own role. And she has also been helping fill in on projects big and small for positions that have not yet been filled. I honestly don’t think I could have kept my own plates spinning if I hadn’t had such a capable, committed, and fabulous colleague — that also happens to be one of the kindest and funniest people that I know. I was lucky to get to know Kate before she was an employee as she was one of our PFCC Patient Advisors — a cancer survivor, and an all-around inspiring person.

Team nomination: HITS Documentation and Publishing Team

Mary Jo David, Craig French, Nicole Jacob, Karen Kost, Rich Leazer (manager), Kendra Mallon, Gillian Mayman, Erin Moulton, Kevin Woodland.

I would like to nominate my amazing coworkers on the Health Information Technology & Services (HITS) Documentation and Publishing team. Every member of the HITS DocPub team is focused on producing the highest quality materials for Michigan Medicine. From beautiful graphic design to rigorous editorial standards, the team consistently produces documents that are accurate, accessible and customer-focused, all on a tight deadline. It’s an impressive group that does equally impressive work!

Other Michigan Medicine MVPs:

  • Care Management Department
  • Faculty and staff, Mott 7E
  • HITS eclipse party planning team
  • Inpatient E/M coding team
  • Medsport call center staff
  • Nursing staff, 7W
  • Ob/gyn clinic, East Ann Arbor
  • Jessica Baker, medical assistant associate, comprehensive wound care
  • Debra Barry, Kellogg Eye Center, Grand Blanc
  • Thomas Bates, phlebotomist
  • Heather Burrows, M.D., associate professor, pediatrics
  • Heather Cameron, supervisor, ob/gyn research department
  • Kelly Deneau, general surgery call center
  • Sgt. Mike Dillard, security services
  • Marilyn Duron, financial senior manager, general medicine
  • Lexi Earl, medical assistant, comprehensive wound care
  • Susan Egner, breast care center
  • Aunita Erskine, Children’s Special Health Care Services coordinator
  • Jackie Fortino, nurse, CVC PACU
  • Margaret Fox, nurse, pediatric rehab
  • Danielle Guttry, medical assistant, comprehensive wound care
  • Paula Hanloser, general surgery call center
  • Candace Harmer, nurse, adolescent medicine
  • Diane Hilfinger, research manager, transplant research department
  • Ericka Hudson-Thomas, service excellence consultant, Office of Patient Experience
  • Christine LaBelle, revenue cycle
  • Jacqueline Jeruss, M.D., Ph.D., director, breast care center
  • Josh Kettley, medication use informatics team
  • Karen Key, clerk, 11W Mott
  • Kirsten Knecht, admin, adolescent medicine
  • Cathy Kolpacki, nurse, vascular surgery
  • Kathy Lambarth, project manager, family medicine
  • Elizabeth Langen, M.D., assistant professor, ob/gyn
  • Lynne Lawson, general surgery lead
  • Audra Mahler, general surgery bariatric
  • Ed Mannlein, unit host, 4D NICU
  • Amanda Martinez, general surgery call center
  • Amanpreet Mavi, general surgery call center
  • Jennifer Mawby, project manager, transplant research department
  • Sarah Mietelka, pre-heart transplant team
  • Lauren Nichols, project coordinator, family medicine
  • Char Prichard, admin manager, general medicine
  • Margaret Rios, general surgery call center
  • Miranda Ruhlen, nurse, neuro ICU
  • Jennifer Russell, general surgery call center
  • Janell Steel, nurse supervisor, Mott 7E
  • Sarah Verkade, breast care center
  • Megan Wallace, nurse, neuro ICU
  • Jeff Wensman, director of clinical and technical services, prosthetics and orthotics