Making a Difference: August 2017 highlights

September 14, 2017  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees,

Employees across Michigan Medicine continue to make a difference through their hard work and dedication. Recognizing the contributions employees make to the organization helps the team to become more motivated, drives better teamwork and gives each individual a sense that they are an integral part of achieving organizational goals.

Here are just a few examples of how faculty and staff helped Michigan Medicine provide exceptional care and service last month:

Peer recognition

Jim Dickinson, registered nurse, CVC 4 – ICU

Recently, we had a patient rapidly declining with family having to make hard decisions overnight. Jim noticed them walking down the hall visibly upset and pulled them aside, gave them hugs, offered prayers and words of support. He let the family talk out their frustrations and sadness about whether they should withdraw care and was so empathetic and caring to someone he had just met — as he was not assigned to this patient or family.

I overheard this conversation and it brought tears to my eyes. We get caught up working here and it was nice to have a reminder of the human side of our work. Watching Jim interact with this family and to see his empathy reminds you of how important end of life care and supporting those having to make decisions really is, even if they aren’t necessarily your assignment.

Dara Weber, HR generalist senior, Human Resources

Dara has exhibited nothing less than exceptional customer service while handling numerous inquiries I have asked of her. Dara actually met with me after presenting at a training session in March and investigated a specific case I had questions and concerns about. She got right back to me with answers, extended my knowledge regarding such instances and alleviated my concerns. It was the result of this experience that led me to reach out to Dara, again, knowing she’d be able to successfully help me navigate a new case. Dara did exactly as I thought she would; she’s more than deserving of such an award. Much thanks, Dara! Continue to be you.

Melissa Sandrick, patient services associate, CVC Radiology

Melissa went above and beyond to try and get a patient in for a test so that the individual could be approved by her doctor to fly to her granddaughter’s wedding. Within a few hours, Melissa got the patient in for her much-needed appointment before the deadline. I know the patient must have been so happy to not have to miss her granddaughter’s wedding and I was happy for her, too. I’m grateful for how helpful and amazing Melissa was in this situation and every other time I have to interact with her. She really did make a difference for this patient!

Lydia Carlton, administrative assistant, Entrance Services

I recently observed Lydia interacting with a guest in tears. The elderly woman came to Michigan Medicine to visit her patient/husband. However, it turned out the husband was a patient at another hospital. Exhausted and frustrated, the woman was reduced to tears. Lydia put a reassuring arm around her, spoke to her in a comforting tone and helped her arrange transport to the hospital where her husband was a patient. It was a beautiful gesture.

HITS Service Desk

As someone who works remotely, I have my fair share of IT-related problems. I call HITS multiple times per year, and every single time I get fantastic and highly-professional help. The HITS Service Desk is definitely one of the most well-loved Michigan Medicine departments. Thank you for all you do!

Visitor to staff

Mansoor Arain, M.D., internal medicine

I will never forget Dr. Arain. He was truly a bright spot in the 12-day hospitalization of my mother. Dr. Arain not only provided excellent medical care, he remained patient and compassionate while dealing with her many adult children, especially me. I was present almost around the clock and I asked many probing questions. Each day Dr. Arain was on duty, he patiently, in layman’s terms, explained my mom’s status as well as what he expected would happen in the coming hours.

Knowing that I was afraid to leave my mom alone at the hospital, one evening Dr. Arain told me I needed to go and get some rest and personally promised that the staff would call me if anything changed during the night. I was able to trust that this would happen because he had followed through on everything he had previously promised. I don’t think I have ever met another doctor who showed more care and concern for his patient than Dr. Arain. I will be forever grateful for his outstanding efforts!

Maha Shalabi, patient lift/transfer associate, Materiel Services

Maha deserves five golden stars for helping me, a senior citizen who has trouble walking. Not only did she find out where my husband’s room was, but she pushed me in a wheelchair all the way to his room, waited 15 minutes for me to have a wonderful short visit with my sweetheart of 50 years and then pushed me all the way back to my car! Thank you Maha!