HITS changing “Reply all” default option in Outlook on the web to “Reply”

September 12, 2017  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

The default reply setting for Outlook on the web (email.med.umich.edu) is to “Reply all” — something which can cause users to inadvertently respond to all recipients copied in an email thread when the intention is to reply only to the sender.

Reply options are different when responding to an Outlook email on your workstation: displayed across the top of an incoming message are the several options of Reply, Reply All, Forward, as well as IM (to send an instant message to the recipient).

Health Information Technology & Services — or HITS — is addressing this concern with an update to Outlook for web-based Outlook users. The default setting will change for Outlook on the web from “Reply all” to “Reply” on Sept. 16. The new drop-down menu will offer the various options including the option to reply to all recipients if this is what the sender intends.