U-M Medical School launches program on health, spirituality and religion

August 21, 2017  //  FOUND IN: News

Patient-centered care depends on the ability of a provider to effectively communicate with patients regarding the values and the beliefs that are important in their lives.

Initiatives such as the Association of American Medical Colleges’ Medical School Objectives Program have helped to clarify the spiritual competencies that should be developed in learners. These competencies include knowing how to apply knowledge about spirituality, faith and religion in patient care; integrating spirituality and an understanding of patients’ religious values into clinical practice; establishing compassion and communication with patients, families and colleagues; and incorporating spirituality into professional and personal development.

Given this, the U-M Medical School has developed a new program on health, spirituality and religion. This program will serve as a home for education, research and collaboration with the goal of providing holistic-patient centered care.

Interested in learing more about it? Contact Kristin Collier, M.D., at kristim@umich.edu or Jeremy Baruch, M.D., at jmbaruch@med.umich.edu.