Michigan Video Abstracts publishes new content

August 22, 2017  //  FOUND IN: News

The online forum Michigan Video Abstracts (MVA) is pleased to announce the publication of new content showcasing the work of respected U-M biomedical sciences faculty members.

MVA aims to inspire scientists, researchers and the public by introducing the experts behind innovative biomedical research through short videos.

In “The Changing Face of Critical Care Cardiology,” Shashank S. Sinha, M.D., M.Sc., shared the origins of cardiac critical care, how things have changed over the past several decades, how the underlying patient population in the modern cardiac intensive care unit has changed over time, and discussed where the discipline is headed. Sinha is a house officer in internal medicine, division of cardiovascular medicine; a clinical fellow for advanced heart failure and cardiac transplantation; and research fellow for the Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation.

Sinha’s video complements a recently published manuscript entitled “Changes in Primary Noncardiac Diagnoses Over Time Among Elderly Cardiac Intensive Care Unit Patients in the United States.”

MVA’s new releases also included a series of videos featuring James O. Woolliscroft, M.D., which focus on caring for and learning from patients, what led him to a career medical education, big data vs. the physiologic model of medicine, becoming a dean to highly-ranked medical school, the new medical school curriculum, and advice for young people. Woolliscroft is Lyle C. Roll Professor of Medicine, professor of internal medicine, professor of learning health sciences, and former dean of the U-M Medical School.

In “An Educational Perspective on the Learning Health System,” Johmarx Patton, M.D., M.H.I., discussed the goals of the learning health system: putting actionable knowledge into the right person’s hands at the right time so they may make an informed decision, and learning how to take advantage of the ever-increasing volume of patient data that is being generated as health care becomes increasingly digital. Patton is director of education informatics and technologies, in Health Information Technology & Services.

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