M-Home houses receive official insignia

August 31, 2017  //  FOUND IN: News

Since debuting in 2015 by welcoming that year's incoming class of medical students, the M-Home has provided a learning community framework for medical education. M-Home encourages student input and engagement at all levels, from planning wellness activities to developing and implementing a peer mentor program, as well as other initiatives designed to improve the student experience.

At first, the M-Home houses had simple names: A. B, C and D. In 2016, students participated in a process that resulted in the houses receiving new names honoring academic ancestors who most exemplified the spirit of impact: innovating, learning, serving and contributing in their time and beyond: Dr. William Henry Fitzbutler House (formerly house A), Dr. Jonas Edward Salk House (B), Dr. Alice Hamilton House (C) and Dr. Amanda Sanford House (D). 

As the M-Home has evolved, so, too, has its presence within the medical school student community. Now, each house has an official insignia. In addition, the Medical School has adopted an overall insignia for the M-Home community. Recently, students were given t-shirts and lapel pins to commemorate the new look of their respective houses.

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Website: https://medicine.umich.edu/medschool/news/sign-student-times-m-home-houses-receive-official-insignia