‘How can we help?’ HITS upgrading to ServiceNow

August 10, 2017  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Everyone who relies on Michigan Medicine-supported technology services, tools or networks should be aware that Health Information Technology & Services (HITS) is in the process of moving from its legacy Zendesk and Remedy intake/tracking systems, and upgrading to ServiceNow — a new enterprise-wide tool designed to unify, simplify, and improve the way IT services are handled.

Today, HITS handles more than 16,000 phone calls and 22,000 tickets per month, and does this across multiple systems of work — creating many opportunities to lose track of requests or miscommunicate across the organization. ServiceNow is intended to help HITS improve request handling, enable better tracking and reporting, expand future capabilities, and most importantly, provide a better experience for customers and partners.

Major benefits of ServiceNow include:

  • Supporting easier intake, more consistent tracking, and better follow-up.
  • Fostering improved customer communication, including more transparency about issue status.
  • Enabling less time spent on “routine” requests, and more on complex issues.
  • Automating, integrating, and streamlining workflows.

Changes customers will experience:

HITS will soon introduce a new customer-focused online service portal that will:

  • Empower customers to submit problems/requests directly into an online request tracking system.
  • Provide faster, easier access to information about the products and services HITS supports.
  • Offer expanded “self-help” resources designed to help customers address routine requests more quickly and easily.

In conjunction with the upgrade to ServiceNow, the appearance of email responses to IT “help” requests (whether submitted to HITS online, or by phone) will also soon change. Please stay tuned for more details about what to expect.

Questions, comments or concerns? Email HITS-Servicenow-Inquiries@umich.edu.

Website: https://hits.medicine.umich.edu/projects/servicenow-implementation