Expanding Michigan Medicine’s footprint: West Ann Arbor-Parkland Plaza takes shape

August 22, 2017  //  FOUND IN: Strategy & Leadership,

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Patients will soon have even more options when it comes to obtaining world-class care from Michigan Medicine.

Following a recent kick-off meeting, call center team members began scheduling the first Parkland Plaza appointments today, a major milestone in the development of the project. The state-of-the-art facility is scheduled to open Nov. 27 and will house more than 20 adult and pediatric primary and specialty care services.

“It’s an exciting time for everyone at Michigan Medicine,” said Rachel Wiltse, senior project manager. “It’s an organizational priority to expand our care to reach as many patients — and touch as many lives — as possible. We are reinvesting in the community and ensuring that great health care is available to patients across the region.”

‘A win-win for everyone’

The new health center is designed to help doctors, nurses, therapists and staff members provide a high-quality patient experience in an alternate and convenient location.

“With it being closer to many of their homes, patients will see Parkland Plaza as a viable option for their appointments the day the facility opens,” said Nichole Goodin, a training manager who is assisting with the project. “So we’re meeting a demand in the community — while at the same time easing congestion at the academic medical center. It’s truly a win-win for everyone.”

A wide range of services

With 75,000 square feet of space, Parkland Plaza will host a variety of different departments and ambulatory services. The facility will also house a blood-draw lab and a radiology unit for general imaging, CT scans, ultrasounds and mammography.

“It will be a cutting-edge facility for all types of patients,” said Yvette Salamey, senior project manager. “From treating newborns to caring for our oldest patients, Parkland Plaza demonstrates the versatile and impressive work performed across Michigan Medicine.”

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