Enhanced tool to help manage groups and privileges

August 1, 2017  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Managing software security groups and granting or removing access to shared folders just got a little easier thanks to recent enhancements made to the Group Management Tool.

This web-based tool, which manages email distribution lists and network shared drives, has been streamlined and simplified by the Health Information Technology & Services (HITS) Identity Management Team.

The Identity Management homepage provides a link to the Group Management Tool which requires Level-2 credentials to log in. Once logged in, group managers will see a simplified layout with options to make changes to one or multiple groups at a time.

There is also a detailed Reference Guide available by clicking the “Help” button on the toolbar.   

The tool helps managers identify the appropriate people to be included in a group and grant them the permissions required to access internal Michigan Medicine resources. These managers can easily import or export entire lists of people as needed.

One new feature now makes it easier to modify group membership when members transition in and out, namely the default field when selecting a specific person to be added or removed. This has been changed from uniqname, which group owners may not always know, to last name.

Enhancements to various tools like the Group Management Tool is one of the many objectives of the Account Lifecycle Optimization project, which is part of the collaborative Enterprise Identity and Access Management Program or EIAM. EIAM’s goal is to improve and simplify the technology and processes we use all around U-M to manage accounts and access resources.