Making a Difference: May 2017 highlights

June 27, 2017  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees,

Employees across Michigan Medicine continue to make a difference through their hard work and dedication. Recognizing the contributions employees make to the organization helps our team to become more motivated, drives better teamwork and gives each individual a sense that they are an integral part of achieving organizational goals.

Below are just a few examples of how faculty and staff helped Michigan Medicine provide exceptional care and service last month:

Peer Recognition

Kurt Riek, clinical specialist, C&W

Recently, a patient was discharged home after an extended admission. Once home, his medical equipment failed to work properly. The patient’s father called the hospital and requested troubleshooting help. Kurt called them from his own home, but once he determined the situation could not be fixed via phone, Kurt drove to the hospital, picked up alternate equipment and drove to the patient’s house to prevent a same-day readmission. I am so grateful to be on the same team as Kurt. His selfless and compassionate act of kindness secured safety for the patient and comfort and support for the family. Thank you Kurt. What you do matters and we are all so appreciative!

Edward Ptaszynski, electrician, and Jim Hadded, carpenter, Facilities

After unsuccessfully trying to hang a board in our work area, I happened to run into Ed and asked if he knew who could help me with the project. He went above and beyond to get a work order started and assign it to someone he knew who could come in the next day to hang it. Ed could have told me to reach out to the call center but instead he was helpful and kind. To assist me, Ed contacted Jim, who showed up first thing the next morning to help me hang the board. These actions may seem a part of the job or small, but Jim’s positive attitude, quick response and helpfulness is especially appreciated! Ed and Jim make a great team!

Gina Heady, occupational therapist, PM&R

Gina is so helpful to our team. She always stops what she is doing and takes the time to answer questions and offer assistance. Today, I stopped her in the hallway to ask a question. It was clear that Gina was busy, but nonetheless, she took the time not only to answer my complicated question but to offer to perform the OT service that I was about to order. Gina is organized, efficient and professional. She makes my job so much easier. Thank you!

Melissa Carter, registered nurse, emergency services

Melissa makes a difference by offering help to those who need it most but are too proud to ask. For example, Melissa helped coordinate transportation for an elderly gentleman who was going to wait in the vestibule for hours until his wife would pick him up. Melissa went above and beyond her job to assure that this patient would be safely given a ride home and showed that Michigan Medicine cares about the well-being of patients even after they are discharged.

Patient to staff

Brian Pagett, physical therapist, PM&R spine program

Recently, I had suffered a spine injury and entered the clinic with the use of a walker. Brian worked diligently to help me alleviate some constant pain. The specific stretches he assigned for me were spot on — helping me walk, sit in a chair and even drive again without discomfort! I will actually miss our sessions, but I am eternally grateful to have my life back. Brian certainly deserves the highest honors.

Family to staff

Dan Johnson, patient services assistant, operating rooms

My dad recently had open heart surgery and we had to be at the Frankel Cardiovascular Center by 5 a.m. While I tried to keep him positive as he prepared to go into surgery, I also was juggling my work responsibilities and watching my two kids. It was all overwhelming, but the vibe we got from Dan, who was at the front desk, was calming and reassuring. Frankly, I have never met such an incredible person in any customer-facing job. Throughout the day, Dan was calm, polite, nice and incredibly attentive to details. I spent more than 12 hours on that floor, waiting for the news. Dan saw how disoriented and tired I was in the morning, and once I mentioned that I wish I could sleep there, he helped me transfer one of the sofas into a bed. Dan is the example of the Michigan Difference we all talk and hear about. And I truly believe that he loves what he is doing. Thank you, Dan!

Andrea Lee, patient services assistant, Sleep Clinic

Over the past several months, Andrea has helped me get my results for two sleep studies, set up my equipment orders and scheduled my appointments. Recently, I called her with a question about my equipment. Before she called me back, she did some research on her own and contacted various specialists who could help me. In all the times that I have dealt with Andrea, she has been very professional and knowledgeable. She simply has a tremendous attitude of taking care of her patients. She is definitely an asset to the U-M sleep disorders clinic. Thank you, Andrea!