Employees honored with President’s Staff Innovation Awards

May 31, 2017  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees

Teri Grieb, senior director for research in the U-M Medical School’s Office of Research, and a team of LSA and ITS collaborators were the winning individual and team when U-M President Mark Schlissel presented the 2017 President’s Staff Innovation Awards.

“One of my priorities for U-M is to celebrate all aspects of our excellence, and this year’s Staff Innovation Award nominees, finalists and winners demonstrate that excellence manifests all across our campus in service of all aspects of our public mission,” Schlissel said.

The winning and finalist innovations ranged from clinical trials research and improved test-taking to comforting babies and sidewalk de-icing.

The individual and team award winners and finalists, along with their nominators, friends and family and members of the Voices of the Staff program management team attended the award ceremony last week.

U-M President Mark Schlissel with individual award winner Teri Grieb.

Individual award

Teri Grieb received the individual award for clinical trials innovation.

The initiative — launched in January 2017 — reviewed and fundamentally revised Michigan Medicine’s clinical trials enterprise.

“The new system will now allow our clinical research to follow the mantra of ‘more, better, cheaper, safer, faster,'” said Steven Kunkel, senior associate dean for research at the U-M Medical School, in his nomination statement. Kunkel also noted that external interest in the initiative has been expressed by the Association of American Medical Colleges.

Individual award finalists were:

  • Agnes Soderbeck, chemistry, LSA, for a web-based chemistry events system that enables event planners to seamlessly perform all aspects of management.
  • Rob Doletzky, grounds manager, grounds service, for experimenting with winter de-icing alternatives that have led to reductions in salt and sand use and have had a positive impact on the environment.
  • Stephanie Castaing, Michigan Medicine unit 7A, for a tool that helps charge nurses create balanced patient assignments.

Team award

LSA and ITS collaborators received the team award for ExamScan, which allows large classes to conduct literature-based, data-driven examinations — as opposed to multiple choice testing — efficiently and cost-effectively. The system was piloted in two chemistry classes in 2015 and has grown to 18 classes and approximately 9,000 students.

The team was nominated by Sean Demonner, executive director of Teaching and Learning, ITS, and includes Jeff Dils (ITS), Monika R. Dressler (LSA), Victoria K. Green (ITS), Chris Mueller (ITS), and MaryBeth Stuenkel (ITS).

The Michigan Medicine Comfort Hold Committee.

Team award finalists were:

  • The Comfort Hold Committee, comprised of Raven Webster, Julie Piazza, Kimberly Dunlap, Mary Rumple, Karen Bogarin and Jennet Malone, for an initiative to improve the comfort level of medical assistants and parents/caregivers during immunization, blood draws and procedures. Three specific comfort holds were developed and disseminated.
  • The College of Engineering Office of Graduate Education team of Kim Elliott, Andria Rose, Tiffany Porties, and Shira Washington for initiatives to enhance the CoE graduate student climate and experience through recruitment, retention and placement.

The President’s Staff Innovation Award is presented annually to recognize individual staff members and teams whose big ideas and “outside the cube” thinking help make the university a better, more inclusive community. The award is sponsored by the Office of the President in collaboration with Voices of the Staff.

Congratulations to all of this year’s winners!