Celebrate Patient Experience Week at Michigan Medicine

April 24, 2017  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources,

It’s Patient Experience Week!  As such, Headlines is spotlighting service all week with daily tips to help you improve interactions with patients and their families. Remember, improving conditions and seeing to the comfort of patients is a year-round focus at Michigan Medicine, so be sure to participate in these daily acts of kindness.

You’re also encouraged to stop by the Mott cafeteria from noon until 1 p.m. each day this week to sign a banner showing your support of the patient experience. This banner will be displayed at future events hosted by the Office of Patient Experience.

Let’s get started. Here are your daily acts of kindness:

April 24: Memorable Monday

Create a memorable moment by asking a patient and/or their loved one something about them. What is something they enjoy doing? Maybe it’s reading non-fiction or fiction books, spending time with grandkids or watching a good movie. You can also lend an empathetic ear to hear what they may be concerned about. Simple acts of kindness go a long way.

April 25: Take-it-up-a-notch Tuesday

Personalize the experience! Look for opportunities to greet a patient, visitor or colleague by name. If you don’t know their name, introduce yourself. Others will often reciprocate.

April 26: Wow ‘em Wednesday

Care might begin with patients, but it doesn’t end there. Wow a patient’s family member by going the extra mile. Maybe a sibling needs a blanket, a child needs a water or a parent needs a tissue. A small gesture can leave a big impression.

April 27: Thankful Thursday

Tell at least one family, “Thank you for allowing us to care for your loved one,” and thank five colleagues from different areas in the organization for all that they do to support patients and families at Michigan Medicine.

April 28: Feel Good Friday

Make “positivity is power” your mantra today. Pay a positive compliment to a coworker and/or patient. Your kind words can help others to feel good and inspire them to pay it forward.

Thank you for all you do on behalf of patients and their families — not just this week, but day in and day out.

Please share your thoughts and ideas on how Michigan Medicine can continue to improve the patient experience. Email your suggestions to patient-experience@med.umich.edu.

Click here to learn more about the Office of Patient Experience.