Week in Review: Week of March 6, 2017

March 10, 2017  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources,

If the wind didn’t blow you away, this week’s news certainly will!

Headlines kicked off the week with a reminder about the importance of saying “thanks” to your coworkers who contribute to the success of Michigan Medicine. Also featured were two students from Peru who reflected on their enriching experience in Ann Arbor, a family shared its story of the world-class cardiac care received here, and a neurologist challenged readers to adopt better sleep habits in preparation for World Sleep Day.

In case you missed it, here’s the latest!

A little thanks goes a long way during Recognition Month

March is National Recognition Month, serving as the perfect reminder that thanking your colleagues should be part of your everyday routine. Click through for more on why recognition is so important and to find out how you can honor the special coworkers who are making a difference in your unit.

‘Learning from the best’: Peruvian students reflect on their time at Michigan Medicine

Medical students from around the world regularly make their way to Ann Arbor as part of their studies. That’s the case with Maria Gastanadui and Giancarlo Giovannini. Click here to meet these students, who traveled from Peru to spend a month with colleagues in internal medicine with the help of Global REACH.

Genetic defect makes cardiac care a family affair

A potentially-fatal genetic defect led one family to become intimately familiar with the Frankel Cardiovascular Center — and one expert in particular. Learn the story of the Aleos and why they are proud members of “Team Patel,” honoring Himanshu Patel, M.D., a surgeon committed to helping the family thrive.

A sleep expert’s shut-eye setback: Join Dr. Goldstein’s challenge

How often do you manage to fall asleep without checking your smartphone? Because electronics play a major role in preventing optimal sleep, Neurologist Cathy Goldstein, M.D., is challenging herself — and Michigan Medicine colleagues — to go an entire week without keeping a smartphone in the bedroom. Find out details of next week’s challenge, which culminates on World Sleep Day!


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