Tighter security coming soon for wired and wireless networks

March 16, 2017  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Michigan Medicine is implementing tighter security controls for more than 75,000 devices that use the secure wired or wireless networks to access internal resources. Ensuring that these devices have the highest security protocols and settings is part of a broad, yearlong initiative to make the IT environment as secure as possible for patients, faculty and staff.

Changes to the wireless network

Effective April 27, the only devices that will be able to join the wireless networks to access internal resources (shared drives and websites, MiChart, and other secure systems) are the following:

  • Institutionally-owned laptops with the CoreImage platform: PC and Mac laptops configured and managed by Health Information Technology & Services
  • Personally-owned mobile devices including laptops, smartphones, and tablets enrolled in AirWatch (the device encryption system).

After this date, under network connections, properly configured devices will be connected to MFleet (for CoreImage devices) or UMHS-8021X (for personal devices enrolled in AirWatch).

For users who do not need to access these internal, secure resources with their personally-owned devices, MWireless-UMHS is available as an alternative option for WiFi.

Changes to the wired network

Restrictions for devices connecting by wire or Ethernet cable are being implemented in a phased rollout over the next several months. All types of electronic/computing devices must be identified, including desktop computers, laptops, medical devices, servers, communication systems, research equipment, building management devices and more. HITS teams and service provider partners are engaging with departments to inventory machines and computers that are institutionally-owned or funded, but not yet categorized as CoreImage devices.

Are you prepared for these changes?

The HITS Service Desk and deployment teams are offering a number of options to assist staff to comply with the various network changes coming and determine the best options for connecting their devices.

  • Self-scheduling option: Deployment teams will be contacting users with unsecured, institutionally-owned devices to arrange to have them reconfigured to the CoreImage platform. To avoid scheduling delays, users are encouraged to set up an appointment directly with a team member now. Follow these Device Support Appointment Scheduling instructions to select a time that is convenient and personalized.
  • WiFi Fridays: WiFi support clinics are available every Friday in the Towsley Triangle from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. from March 24 through April 21 — with the exception of April 7. On this date, support staff will be just down the hall at the Towsley “Help Me Now” support center. Towsley and the other Help Me Now centers are open daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to assist with AirWatch enrollment or other connection options.
  • Popup Clinics: The Service Desk is offering IT help clinics on-site in various locations through April.

For more information, contact the Service Desk at 734-936-8000, option 9, or click here.