Wireless network controls in effect April 27

March 27, 2017  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

AirWatch is the encryption system required to be installed on all personal mobile devices connecting to the Michigan Medicine wireless network. Because of the increased use of personally-owned smartphones, laptops, and tablets in the health care environment, only mobiles devices with AirWatch will be able to join the UMHS-8021X wireless network effective April 27.

AirWatch enables Michigan Medicine staff to access their internal Outlook Exchange email and other resources, including MiChart. Staff who do not need to access internal resources are invited to use MWireless for a WiFi connection to the Internet.

The requirement for AirWatch is part of the Michigan Medicine network control initiative called “NAC.” NAC ensures that only authorized computing devices with the appropriate security protocols and settings can connect — and unauthorized devices cannot. NAC will serve as a gatekeeper for all devices that join either network to reach internal academic medical center resources and systems.

Wired access limitations

Health Information Technology and Services, or HITS, teams are working closely with departments to identify any Windows-based or Mac computers that may be institutionally-owned, but not yet configured with the standard Michigan Medicine group policies and security (“CoreImage”) specifications. All computing devices — desktops, laptops, servers, medical devices, telecommunication devices and more — are being inventoried. Once devices in an area have been confirmed, wired NAC can be enforced.

For more information about NAC, click here.