Coming March 25: New MiChart functionality replaces TeleTracking

March 7, 2017  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

As part of an ongoing effort to move toward a single-system Electronic Health Record, MiChart teams, in conjunction with operational partners in the Admitting Bed Coordination Center (ABCC), Environmental Services (EVS), and Patient Transportation, are pleased to announce the implementation of a new MiChart functionality to replace the current Teletracking system.

New features of this bed management system will result in a number of improvements including visible traffic management, improved patient flow, communications between operational units, enhanced patient intake and improved coordination of transfer and referrals, to name a few.

The bed management functionality will be implemented on March 25 and the current Teletracking system will be disabled.

This will change the way clinical and operational roles request inpatient and outpatient transfers, lift team requests and bed cleaning requests. The most significant workflow changes will be seen by ABCC, EVS and Patient Transportation. Classroom training will be provided through March 24 for all ABCC managers and staff, EVS managers and dispatchers, and Patient Transportation managers and dispatchers. An eLearning module, “Transporter Staff,” will be provided for the rest of Patient Transportation employees. 

Additional roles who currently utilize Teletracking will experience minor workflow changes associated with the new bed management functionality and will have need to complete the “Admissions-MiChart Capacity-MiChart Certification” eLearning, which explains these changes. The eLearning is now live and can be found in users’ MLearning.

For more information on the type and dates of training, visit the MiChart Capacity Project webpage or consult your manager or facilitator. More details will be available over the coming weeks in the MiChart Tell-All, targeted messaging to applicable areas and updates to the webpage.