Patient safety reporting is making a difference

February 1, 2017  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Thank you to all faculty and staff who are making efforts to improve patient safety and system processes by submitting a Patient Safety Report Form during the last quarter. 

Patient safety reports are often the first notice the Office of Clinical Safety hears about a concern. 

These reports may rise to the level of being reviewed by the Safety Event Triage Team, also known as SETT, which includes the chief of staff as the chair.

SETT is a group of Michigan Medicine representatives (e.g. medical staff, nursing, the Office of Clinical Affairs, and the Office of Clinical Safety) charged with reviewing all safety event notifications, classifying the event (e.g. sentinel event) and determining when additional events should be reviewed that otherwise would not be required by The Joint Commission.

In addition, there are multiple layers of aggregate review at the division, department, committee and unit level where process improvements are discussed. 

Your reports are making a difference! See a list of some of the changes that were driven by your reporting this past quarter or previous quarters.