IHPI presents Profiles in Innovation

February 28, 2017  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

The U-M Institute for Healthcare Policy & Innovation — or IHPI — is pleased to announce its inaugural Profiles in Innovation magazine, which features compelling stories highlighting the work of its many members and the real-world impact they are having on health care practice and policy.

Explore the magazine to discover how IHPI’s collaborative community is transforming health care challenges into opportunities through research, practice and policy. The end result: improving the well-being of public health, accelerating life-changing health care policies, and mitigating socio-economic barriers to care through innovation and implementation.

IHPI views its mission to improve the safety, quality, cost and accessibility of health care as both an inspiration and obligation. Each day, this pursuit fuels the unprecedented creativity, imagination and vision of its collaborative community of nearly 500 researchers and scholars across the university.

This publication provides powerful examples of the many ways that IHPI members are advancing the understanding of health care, as well as making a difference in the health of individuals and communities across the nation and around the world.

Users can view the online digital version or download their own PDF copy by visiting the IHPI website.

Website: http://ihpi.umich.edu/pii