Thank you for a wonderful Magnet site visit

December 16, 2016  //  FOUND IN: News

Thank you to all faculty and staff for your hard work and dedication during this week’s Magnet site visit!

The four Magnet appraisers spent the past four days talking with hundreds of nurses, staff, interprofessional partners and patients throughout our health system. They were here to verify, clarify and amplify the stories of excellence submitted in our original Magnet document in June 2016.

Although we won’t know the outcome of our visit for a few months, the appraisers shared how impressed they were by the quality of care provided and the high level of professionalism witnessed throughout the entire nursing community. They also commented on the high levels of interprofessional collaboration and the unwavering commitment to patient care that they witnessed.

The appraisers described our nurses and our nursing community as “having a passion for their work, a love for the organization and a commitment to this being ‘their place.'”  Appraisers also described how patients and families were always at the center of our care and that it was clear that our nurses “would move mountains for our patients and families” and that they all had “strengths beyond belief!”

This should be a moment of pride for the entire UMHS community and the impact our community makes in the lives of our colleagues and the lives of patients and families.

Thank you for demonstrating to the appraisers what Nursing at Michigan and what the health system is all about!