Department of Learning Health Sciences launches The Loop

December 9, 2016  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources


There’s a fresh way to get acquainted with the Department of Learning Health Sciences via their E-newsletter, The Loop — arriving this week in email inboxes and online.

Designed to give informative snapshots into the dynamic work of this new department, the December 2016 issue introduces readers to a first-of-its-kind Ph.D. program, the diabetes work of Gretchen Piatt, Ph.D., and explains the Knowledge Grid, a 21st century “big idea” being piloted now for faster knowledge sharing.

Subscribers to The Loop can keep up with the department’s evolution from the former Department of Medical Education into a diverse research and education hub that seeks to make learning effective, routine and scalable, from health professionals in the trenches to health systems that span states and nations. Check out the first edition by clicking here!