Project Healthy Schools featured in Concentrate Ann Arbor

October 31, 2016  //  FOUND IN: News

Dr. Kim Eagle, co-founder of Project Healthy Schools.

An article about how UMHS’ Project Healthy Schools is spreading better nutrition through education in Ann Arbor-area middle schools ran in a recent issue of Concentrate Ann Arbor, a local online media outlet.

The article includes interviews with Project Healthy Schools’ co-founder, Kim Eagle, M. D., A. Walther Hewlett Professor of Internal Medicine and Director of the U-M Frankel Cardiovascular Center, and with Jean DuRussel-Weston, Project Healthy Schools’ program manager.

“We were concerned that the students in our school system weren’t being exposed to a health curriculum that would promote both nutrition and activity in a way that would promote both their short-term and long-term health, so we created PHS with the goal of doing that,” Eagle said.

The article also features two Ann Arbor siblings, Bridget and Duncan Kennedy. Inspired by the lessons she learned from PHS in the mid-2000s, when she was a sixth-grader at Ann Arbor’s Forsythe Middle School, Bridget Kennedy found her interest in the program reignited while she was a student at Skyline High School. After meeting with Skyline science teacher and PHS educator Jeffrey Bradley, Kennedy returned to her old school as a health ambassador, delivering the same curriculum that influenced her as a young girl.

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